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meany, meany, meany, meany (say what?)
meany, meany, meany, meany (say what?)
meany, meany, meany, meany, mean
meany, meany, meany, meany (say what?)
meany, meany, meany, meany (say what?)
meany, meany, meany, meany, mean (okay)

hello its the soul
troopin in wit the jungle patrol
and this ones about the kos the knockouts out there
whos holdin my buddy
hold up
(wait a minute)

now just wait
were gonna talk about buddy on this plate
but before we let the herd out the gate
make sure the all the levels are straight out the jungle
(the jungle, the jungle, the brothers, the brothers)

de la soul from the soul
black medallions no gold
hangin out wit pos hangin out wit mase
buddy buddy buddy all in my face

mike g:
for the lap jimbrowski must wear a cap
just in case the young girl likes to clap
aint for the wind but before i begin
i initiate the buddy with a slap

now for the next
im the q-tip from a tribe called quest
and when i quest for the buddy i dont fess
for my jimmy wants nothin but the best (the best)
the best (ooh wee!)
lets stick out jimmy and see what we can catch
(stick em up, stick em up jimmy)
next wont be needed unless
(jenny wanna get right to the flesh)

(sweet little woman, sweet little woman)

i wont lie, i love b-u-d-d-y (why)
cause i never let it walk on by
when it comes to me and jenny i seem (very serious)
like a peak freen
buddy is the act that occurs on the lip
when jenny and jimmy start shootin the gift
boy let me get shot i wont even riff

buddy buddy dont you know you make me go nutty
im so glad that youre not a fuddy duddy
not too skinny and not too chubby
soft like silly putty
miss crabtree i hope that youre not mad at me
cause i told you that it was your buddy
that was making me ever so horny
junglelistically horny

on the dial my buddy talks to me for a while
plug two is the

q to her tip

on the a side and sometimes the flip
(gotta gotta flip this record)
buddy is the bud to my daisy tree
and the luuden to my do-re-mi
and the pleaser to my man plug 3
(plug 3 gets all the buddy)

mike g:
behind my bush my buddy likes the way that i push
and like a champ just knock it on out
never ever once sellin out
(oh let loose the juice)
my buddy helps me to
(de la my soul)
keepin jimmy in total control
without buddy id be on a roll

(la la la l-la la la la, la la la l-la la la la)

hey girl i heard ya lookin for some good times
if you quest from the soul heres what well find
a whole lot of fun lots of fun together
just like kissin cousins (yeah thats kinda clever)
close like bosoms, bosoms stay close
if you be my buddy i will toast
that were like ethel merts and lucille macgillicuddy
you can be mines and i can be your buddy

the best buddys in evening wear
long lovin less tru know (hes in there)
i feel sorry for those who pay a fare (a fee) word to the d
i dont beg i just tease my buddy with my right leg
and when its ready whats said is buddy is best in bed

fly buddy told us all to get into a circle
said dont worry cause i wont hurt you
all i really wanna do is freak you (she freaked us)

mike g:
and i watched and then i checked my swatch
to see the time
the soul had formed a buddy line
and that buddy was (mine all mine)

now when tribe, the jungle, and de la soul
is at the clubs our ritual unfolds
grab our bones and start swingin our hands
(then jenny start flockin it everywhere)
cause jenifa just wants to stay aware
yo fellas should we keep her aware
(mmm hmm, yeah!!!)


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