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brainwashed follower ark sz

jeff: yo yo, hey man, aint you guys um, plug one? plug two?
potholes in my lawn? youre those weird guys, de la soul, right?
dove: yeah, whats up little man, how you feeling, im dove, how you
pos: yo whats up man, my name is pos.
mase: whats up, im mase. yo, shorty, whats your name?
jeff: oh, my name? jeff. you guys are walking? now rappers aint
supposed to walk.
pos: sorry little man, but you know...
jeff: jeff. i told you, my name is jeff. if you guys are rappers,
wheres your dukey gold chains? yall dont have no dukey gold chains.
mase: we dont wear gold chains, wed rather spend our money on
more important things like, women, necessities...
de la soul: and video games!
jeff: yall are crazy. no chains, dag. okay, wheres your bmw?
youre not supposed to walk. wheres your jeeps, your maximas?
dove: maximas? yo, maxin would break my flow. and with the cause of
gas, jeff man, id rather take the transit thats mass.
jeff: what you say? you are c-r-a-z-e-e. crazee. dont you know you
cant be def if you dont have no gold? or a car, man? whats up?
mase: who told you that?
jeff: everybody whos def has gold, cars, money, girls, clothes...
mase: wait a minute, wait a minute, shorty, youre buggin. do you like
plug tunin and
jeff: yeah that songs def.
pos: but we dont wear no gold chains, nor do we ride bmws and
maxes or jeeps, yet you still think our music is def, right? wait a
minute. did i say def?
de la soul: rrrr-rrah!
jeff: what?
pos: nothing, nothing. its just that we dont deal with all that
materialistic stuff, but we still got what it takes to please and
supply our listeners, understand my man?
jeff: wheres your beepers? why dont you have beepers? everybody
wears beepers. you have to have beepers to look down.
mase: aaauughhh! little man is brainwashed indeed!
dove: nah, nah. beepers are the least of status situators, man. plus
i find them ugly as parking tickets.
jeff: you guys talk funny.
pos: well actually our verbal is kinetic, so when released flow a to
z is perfectly pitched in andvance in intricacy.
jeff: yeah you homeboys are really bugged.
pos: wait a minute. did he say...
mase: bugged?
de la soul: rrrr-rrah!
jeff: so no car, no beepers, no gold. thats weak man, thats weak.
dove: jesus, did he say weak? jesus, they never learn.
pos: foolish mind, have i, have i.
mase: actin like that lady!
de la soul: that lady!
pos: peace, my brother...


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