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baby baby baby baby ooh baby ark sz


ohh there go that bullshit again
you heard that shit?
nah i aint hear that
thats that bullshit from the other day
they done took the buffalo girls beat and changed it all around
they playin themselves!

verse one: jazzyfatnastees

you remind me when i reminesce of you (yeah)
all the freaky things i want to do, to you (thats right)
rub me up, rub me down, rub me all around (what)
kiss me here, kiss me there, kiss me, kiss me everywhere!
tell me what the cost to get in line cuz you are mine tonight
gonna give you all i got to give, as long as you rub it right
i will love you right (i dont care if you diss me)
i will do you right (i dont care if you dont want me) -come on-

baby baby wont you be my baby baby
be my baby baby baby baby baby baby (come on, come on, hahh)
baby baby wont you be my baby baby
be my baby baby baby baby baby baby (yo, hahh, knowhatimean?
gonna set it like this, what)

verse two: pos

now i forgot how to forget so i remember your face
with your pretty accent, wearin man-attract scent
others fakin constantly stakin out pockets of dreams
always tryin to sham too thats why they crave champagne
but the blame still remains not to be on you
i know your style and your love lasts long like the island im from
im on the drum man, and its all good
cause i flexed on your ex, make sure he understood
that you would, never again want to be his wife
so we connect lips to hips, and uhh, eyes to thighs
youre my so-phisti-cated, lady
all mine, if you wasnt id go cra-zay

outro: jazzyfatnastees

baby baby wont you be my baby baby yeah baby, this is uhh
baby baby be my baby baby baby baby posda on the microphone

wrms rocks the best hey hey hey its the fat man
scoop wonder ear in your hand
that was jfb, baby baby baby ohhhhhhhhhh bay-bah!!!!!!!!!
ha hah!!!
i pick my nose wash my clothes and be back in a minute
with busta rhymes, the mighty infamous
zhane, a tribe called quest, nonetheless wrms
fat man scoop, tryin to get this rap loot yeah


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