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aint hip to be labelled a hippie ark sz
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aint hip to be labelled a hippie ark sz

in america today
people think they know the way
of the soul
de la is on the road
to blink and clear the hay
behind the line of inner fine
we ve explained this time and time
daisies dont mean everything
daisies dont mean anything
but the word itself when broken up
wears just a larger pound
d.a. stands for "t-h-e"
i is "inner"
s is "sound"
y is "yall", thats you
should see the inner sound
will help you breathe
but still i sport a heavy sigh
when i have to explain
its just me, myself and i
its just me, myself and i
its just me, myself and i
its just me, myself and i

paul: so, youre just yourself, huh, pos?
pos: basically paul, thats it.
paul: you mean youre not a hippie?
pos: no.
paul: not even a half a hippie?
pos: not a nugget.
paul: wait. what about you and doves parents?
pos: straight up soul brothers and sisters.
paul: so what the full equation shows is "the inner sound yall"
should be focused on, not just the word daisy itself.
pos: most definitely.
paul: wait a minute. did you say most definitely?
pos and paul: rrrr-rah


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