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afro connections at a hi in the eyes of the hoodlum ark sz
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afro connections at a hi in the eyes of the hoodlum ark sz

pos: this is dedicated to all those hardcore acts.
dove: yeah, you know them brothers that we used to
look up to, that fell the fuck off.
mase: and now they doing all that rnb sh..(crocker!)
dove: you mean rhthym and blues?
de la soul: no! rappin bullsh...

connection a, click, what?
my dick, chick
i smack a fish if you thinks
my connection aint thick, dick
headed like a punk whip
i travel miles with a rhythmic lip
i rock an afro
in 83, gee, yo
and spray the sheen so i get a soul glow
i play the corner tough
and me and mase pull puffs on a blunt

givin high-five is what i want
so i puff a blunt, i dont front
i get spliffed, get a stiff
then i go hump a stunt
like a pimp pro
(nah, man, a super ho)
thats cool cause im still an afro bro
yeah, im live for my life is hectic
every hour, every minute, every second
i keep a level head and stay down to earth
cause ive been an afro since birth

now i hold my crotch cause im top-notch
i run amok sasquatch, and i like to eat live crab
ive got five beepers, you scab
but you can find me directly on the ave
(you niggas cheat me, well whos that!)
my breath never smells wack
i eat the watermelon tic-tac
before i kiss myself i always jump back
(yo, gee, this track is stack)
(and you know that)

i do three flips
when a punk flip on my duke lifts
but i flex more strength when im asleep
on the other side with his main tapes
make her dry her face, buy her gold earlocks
but i may, she flocks round me like a donut
she got sprinkles but i bite my way out
more brothers come about, try to scheme slick
but the native tongues thick
lick em real good, like a real hood should
but the fly tape let the car speakers shake
i ran a cop down, i smile a frown with a but
show gold teeth, cause i aint a vegetarian
not scared of beef, sport a feather like chief
got a scribble pad, you can get these gonads
cause im big-willed, blow off like a seal
cause connection with the afro is real

i be the gift of gab, but be a bro with a diss
because its tough to bluff a cab
no wonder melle mel is rrrr-rah!
i play of tape of the son of la-di-da
my cousin rilo sells blow, a g a day
keeps his kids hooray, a size nine and half
i kicks my tricks, is to live for island
i mug a mug vic, but is cool, i self
with the quickness i bust the true slang
show no pit to those who dont understand

the maseo got tailed with the big bail
i busted loose but now the blue goose is on my tail
i seen the ghetto go lower than it is
(he dont care, cause his niggas selling crack to the kids)
my jeans are brand new, with twelve more
in the closet with my silk, and below
my 45 pack thick, draw quick
if a nigga starts some shibidibidit
my crib is uptown, downtown, l.i.
and another crib in queens
i munch some cornbread, boars head
my favorite porck chops and
a plate of collar greens
i chill with shymel, akeem, jaheed
and the rastafariansll be the crown in
and the poppa
but the connections are still a high-five

(lets get busy)


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