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[never gonna give up on you]
we gonna do it like this
[just a little bit]
like that
[just a little bit]
[just a little bit]
de la
[just a little bit] cmon]

ill never give you up
no, ill never stop
keep it comin
keep on comin 4 more [2x]

its that brown man from long islandin shores
got a way with women, so i get away with yours
because youre whole games outdated
which leaves all the pretty women heavily sedated

mummy you can play your ripleys
or believe it or not
i shoot gift like heron
with skills of gil-scott
nights like sir lancelot can get heated
prescribin your vibe, love,
i know how you need it

[chorus]: [2x]

i like to mingle sometimes
so i head out of state to find a couple of dimes
but a government rate cant settle for no nickels
even pennies for thought for short
i need connections
with big bank selections
securing all the sections
with sing-sing corrections
seedin like nature, escapin like gas
tell me how long this love is gonna last
thinkin fast might spoil somethin
turn a [?] to nothin
[?] to your lady is special
seen a bigger picture on the screen
but youre a movie, you move me
you soothe me like holidays, getaways
the brochure said do it
so true
its not a hold hand mission
cut the public display
heard youre headed for the stars
put the gazers away
mine times out of ten
we cut to good friends
but when we on the tenth
we gotta go the length
im not a playa
yet i get more play
than a talk show shown
cross the usa
have em moanin out the vowels sounds
ooh, eeii, and aahh
and how by now you should know me and my
do members of the opposite sex
have their boyfriend screaming out
we got more techs
than that ball team in georgia
[yo, he said hes comin for ya]
all because the ho wanna go to the casbah

[chorus]: [2x]

you can get with
some of these women
some of the time
when your face is in the light
[?] stirred with lime
is it a crime
to set your mind to death?
see how many brain cells left
i feel your bodys drawn to my positive
dont even want a baby
if its that easy to give
i live right around the corner
three states away
take a holiday
come check me
watch how i set the
mood, check a movie on the tube
get your belt mad loose like lee
phones turned way down
to avoid the beef
or the questions
if shes the only one gettin lessons
youre into crime faces, huh?
well ill play your capone
suzy q got the grill
to make the cake chrome
situations gettin absurd
hot on a plat
so work the format
see how we do that?
and youre figurin
we love on the rock
ima keep it up front
to maintain the stock
displayin all the goodies
from your knuckle to knees
make it hot like the island degrees
now thats special



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