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we cant love like this anymore ark sz
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we cant love like this anymore ark sz

written by john jarrard and wendell mobley
youre laying right beside me, but youre a million miles away
and if i ask you whats the matter
you dont have much to say
and i can tell that im not standing
where i stood with you before
we cant love like this, anymore
sometimes it makes me angry, but mostly it just hurts
i thought time might make it better
but it only made it worse
and i cant climb these walls youre building
and i cant unlock the door
we cant love like this anymore
were coming to a crossroad, i can tell
im not sure wed be this lonely by ourselves
but i wont give up as long as theres a chance
so where we go from here is in your hands
just say its over, and at least ill know for sure
we cant love like this, anymore
we cant love like this, anymore


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