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stick n move ark sz

{bootleg}i got some bad news for you tony.
{tony}whut choo got?
{bootleg}we lost the whole shipment.
{tony}whut you mean, we lost the whole shipment.
{bootleg}the columbian drug cartel
intercepted the whole
{tony}those fuckin guys, every fuckin thing to happen! i
told you fuckaz to stick n move, n get tha fuck outta there.
i see lots of people gots to die tonight, fuck (fading).

(bootleg) part 2, 19 muthafuckin 96, bootleg tha
muthafuckin rap kapone, ghetto e, & my nigga shoestring, gonna
stick n move & bust up yo ass fo tha 9 6

my memories get haunted by events in tha past
had an outlet to be free from dirty visions at last
a brothaz out here stalking me but bitch you aint no
ive been poppin window panes, my brain aint tha same no mo
living just like a criminal, but my mind still carries me
im seeing the bloody images of tha tools that bury me
skeletons they walk with me, while holding my right hand
my mother be weepin n cryin while watchin me box with a deadman
load tha ak, spot a family & kill em all.
take a butcher knife, & spill some blood at tha fuckin morgue
its murder
you bitches better understand
motherfuck a plan, im gunning tha bitches down right where they stand
homey shouldve ran, but then again i wouldnt advice you to
cuz a 44 is good to go when im busting caps at fools
sendin you hoes to school
well fuck the books n desks
no description or police sketch, you bitch & no arrest
you can try yo muthafuckin best to stop a villian on a killing spree
living is so fuckin hard & dying is so easy to be
murder to tha first degree-demi, gotta represent
kill for dead presidents, in flint is sweet like peppermint
youll never find my fingerprints, so watch me getaway
murder victom found, killer though, free to strike another day
up-up and away, to get some yahjl back where i stay
tha fedz are like mosquitos empty needles alley ways
im goin to tha thang, take tha pain, im a ghetto champ
theres no court of law, my whole neighborhoods a prison camp,
food stamps & drug dealz is all a nigga know
strut & kokane got me addicted nigga pass tha blow
coming in ya spot with my glock to make my getaway smooth
nigga close your eyez, no surprise, bitch boom!
another stick n move...

chorus movn n movn out, take that cocaine out your house,
sight that any. here no evil see no evil, bitch n i done got away.
movn n movn out, take that cocaine out your house, sight that any.
here no evil, see no evil, bit

(shoestring) a giggerdy gangsta from tha streets, so muthafucka dont make me bust ya
buck ya down, quick to bury your ass & then ill bust some
like the fuckin terror thats on the quick to put ya town away
a silencers on the tip so muthafucka there be no sound today
im taking you niggaz to war, so playa haters lock ya door
an ak 47 leaved his brains up on tha floor
a killa riddlin fuckin around and frontin about his stashes
3 killaz with masses, all we leave is ashes.
take ya shit & dashes, now of in a cascets
the fever fo a murder got me breakin out in rashes
so hide your watch-n-rings, cuz shoot and fill ya ass up with holes
reachin fo ya clothes, aint no marbles on ya toes
stretchin niggas out like limos and creepin down my block
shoestring got a glock, can you follow us wanted by hollow point shots?
hmmm, betta watch yo ass, a killaz creepin up from tha past
my fingers fast, & you just saw ya fuckin last
shoestrings a killa, so dont fuck with this grim reaper
mo cloud than a beeper, and i hit you with this street sweeper
down where im dwelling, niggaz sellin and i go swellin
put snitches in ditches, cuz them bitches, they always tellin
my click is thick, so we be screamin "fuck the law"
creep mental state as three killaz you aint never saw
not from the shore so whut tha fuck the sources thinkin?
must stop the drinkin? and dankin? im-a-leave you stinkin
better fuck your mutha, than fuckin that nigga, that shoestring
cut off ya hands & all i want bitches? the rocks and rings
my polos bloody, my case was lookin kinda muddy
step with this bald head, fuck you dread, leave him dead
rolling trough tha stocks, im so high, fillin that bitch in
looking through that tension, still kickin flint shit
s to tha h to tha o-e-s-t-r-i-n-g 96 pullin tricks ridin the duece with them dicks
out tha ass. so xcuse me as i dust my grooves
im diggin ya chick my pockets thick, nigga its time to stick n move...


(ghetto e) ughhh, rattat to tha tattat, im-a-take take him out his misery
put his ass in a box & leave him as a memory
(see when you sleep, thats when we creep
uh, get on your toes, knock you off your feet)
game i peep. i did not know him, but i met him and now i got him
mask to mask took my shit off, and then i shot him
left him bloody with no money. cut his pocket
grab my glock cocked it, seen his head, popped it, dropped it
now i was rollin like a muthafuckin bowling ball.
(you sendin up who? you sendin him where?)
im sending him to tha graveyard
no time to play, eric dorseys on another mission
i called up jody, he be coldin police in tha kitchen
them niggaz talkin, conversation kept him on tha phone
killa gone grabbed my chrome, im in his home.
lets get him gone, put him in a headlock till i heard him choke.
so i used my kane, whip & slit his throat
creeped up on jody, jodys dead, now this shit is smooth
got away with the money and the gang, eric dorseys on a stick-n-move!


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