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ghetto ark sz

they say im a ghetto man, they call me a ghetto bastard
they say im a dope dealer, they say im a money snatcher
they call me a ghetto thug, im livin the ghetto life
im stuck with my ghetto kids, so i married a ghetto wife
i got no education, im workin the ghetto job
i live on the ghetto streets, so i run with the ghetto mob
they give me a ghetto check, three dollars thats no respect
not enough to survive, so i break me a ghetto neck
i pop me a ghetto shot, down on the ghetto block
front page of the newspaper, fiend dies over ghetto rock
im tired of the ghetto noise, ghetto girls ghetto boys
hand me a shotgun, cause them are my ghetto toys
this ghetto mentality, i live in a ghetto town
bang to the boogie boom, lets fight to our ghetto sound
they taught me the tricks and trades, im stuck in my ghetto ways
thats why hypocrites are all sayin these are the ghetto days
i?? to a ghetto rock, im stopped by a ghetto cop
a young girl get pregnant, cause she was brought ghetto hot
i roll with the ghetto game, im kickin the ghetto slang
they gave me a ghetto name, cause its a ghetto thang

chorus: (repeat 4x)

and the ghetto is no joke
they got me thinkin, how can a brother get away

they say im a ghetto crook, im kickin the ghetto game
ghetto babies die, damn thats a ghetto shame
back to the ghetto days, and backed to the ghetto nights
back to the ghetto lives, and back to the ghetto fights
back to the ghetto ladies, and back to the ghetto men
back to the ghetto churches, and back to the ghetto sins
yes thats a ghetto thing, hit with a ghetto swing
if you dont know why i say it, than ask mr. rodney king
cause down in los angeles, the ghetto is scandalous
than uncle toms, even they cant handle this
i go to a ghetto school, im keepin it ghetto cool
i pack me a ghetto tool, gonna kill me a ghetto fool
i walk on a ghetto floor, i shop at a ghetto store
how can i pay more, i cant afford it, im ghetto poor
i snort me some ghetto caine, it messed up my ghetto veins
but i dont even know why, (why?) cause its a ghetto thang


i walk in the ghetto rain, my ghetto??? gone insane
i need the ghetto bang, so i cop me some nightrain
im down with my ghetto crime, im doin my ghetto time
it got me goin crazy, im out of my ghetto mind
i heard me a ghetto blast, straight to his ghetto head
look in the newspaper, backstabber is ghetto dead
this is the ghetto scene, but still i dont understand
thats the way it is, when you dealin with a ghetto man



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