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th and halstead ark sz

motherfuckers caught me slippin, i hate that bitch
dayton for life, gangsta love
i gotta go back there, i gotta go back fuck that punk shit

im makin preperations to return to 79th and halstead
i came to perform but bled instead
infiltrated by enemies tryin to paint me red
i discovered the true essence of a vicky loo
quick to mob when odds are 70 to 2
it was a setup i figured, but you was designated
to get me wet up by niggas with triggers nickle plated
i was blinded but reminded when we arrived
saw the five up in the sky, it blew my high
never noticed i was the victim in this deadly plot
surrounded by wanna be killas on satans block
they sent the lexus to the liquor store to get some blunts
never knowing ill be wearing bruises from this shit for months
but four coppers turned around standin at the door
feel the fire is what he said and surrounded the store
takin my soul im a gangsta they had me trippin
thoughts in my head of halstead, they caught me slippin
never again to be caught on the receiving end
dayton ave and halstead let the games begin


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