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now ark sz

i feel alone even with myself
but does it better me
id like to tell you how im seeing now
but ruins everything

you try to judge me now/tomorrows okay
you try to tell me now how i should feel
i dont feel like i should be here

i feel alone even with myself
do you know what i mean
i cant explain those things that seem to repel me
they ruin everything

your fears are working now/but i dont complain
im working hard to listen and thats okay
dont you know its not okay to be afraid of me

i hate to tell you but youre in my way
i hate when someone tries to push me away
dont you know you cant be afraid of me
giving away all im feeling now

why dont you listen to this heart full of pain
sounds like complaining but its hard to refrain
dont you know you cant be afraid of me
giving away all im feeling now


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