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never drown ark sz

i am the dirt, the dust, the stain,
the rust thats on your fingers
youre here to get inside the place
to hide the fear that lingers
if we never drown we never know how well it tastes
so tell me how it tastes and i know just how well you drown

keep in all the things that make you fall
together well stand tall
in the end the choice will face us all
together well fall so dont let go

we release the chains that cause you pain
that keeps your spirit locked down
if we never drown the walls we found
would never be our lesson

the end is near the demons jaw
the lives we swallow
in the end the choice will face us all
together well fall so dont let go

maybe its the way.
but im not looking forward to running away.
play by the silence,
its where you will end not where you begin

get up and open your eyes.
dont let yourself ever fall down.
get through it and learn how to fly
i know you will find a way...

its the same damn dirty road

i will find a way


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