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velvet underground, velvet underground arklar, velvet underground ark szleri
1.after hours495
2.all tomorrows parties512
3.andys chest505
4.beginning to see the light431
5.candy says516
6.chelsea girls490
7.cool it down426
8.countess from hong kong489
10.european son718
11.femme fatale419
12.ferryboat bill680
13.foggy notion448
14.guess im falling in love637
15.head held high417
16.here she comes now688
18.hey mr rain version806
19.i cant stand it587
20.i found a reason468
21.i heard her call my name437
22.i love you436
23.if you close the door518
24.it was a pleasure then407
25.its all right the way that you live459
26.its just too much551
27.ill be your mirror552
28.im not too sorry now that youre gone501
29.im set free1022
30.im sticking with you738
31.im waiting for the man477
33.lady godivas operation434
34.lisa says418
35.lonesome cowboy bill421
36.love makes you feel ten feet tall449
37.new age447
39.oh gin428
40.oh sweet nuthin781
41.one of this days434
42.over you443
43.pale blue eyes453
44.prominent men402
45.ride into the sun443
46.rock and roll419
47.run run run459
48.sad song462
49.satellite of love428
50.sheltered life429
51.shes my best friend526
52.sister ray401
53.some kinda love401
54.stephanie says420
55.sunday morning408
56.sweet bonnie brown408
57.sweet jane474
58.temptation inside your heart376
59.thats the story of my life1101
60.the black angels death song477
61.the gift435
62.the murder mystery406
63.the ocean425
64.there is no reason467
65.there she goes again462
66.train round the bend427
67.velvet nursery rhyme403
68.venus in furs411
69.walk and talk446
70.were gonna have a real good time together833
71.what goes on414
72.white light/ white heat420
73.who loves the sun381
74.wrap your troubles in dreams400
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