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flight response ark sz

out of the blue
response of the brain
intense adrenaline flow
out of control
sudden jolt
freezing in fear
trauma road
traveling real
pain is my pill
ride it out if you can
dilation of eyes
panic surprise
ive lost my pill now im numb
down on my knees wanting to die
mistaken beliefs of
real life
lifeprepare for the flight

reward your misguide
get off your knees time to hide

when everything in your life is good
then it got bad
would you hate me
so what am i supposed to do about it
im running insane

colorful shapes
a vivid mistake
ive lost intake
give my sore heart a new soul
nerves play my role
im not whole
give me the soul
now ill run
running insane
follow the pain

mistaken beliefs of real life

prepare for the flight
reward your misguide
get off your knees time to fly

i wont be safe again


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