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dancing with the wind ark sz

im stuck in a daze, only i can save me
these eyes are staring at me
children of the diseased
stuck on your beliefs wont you sell me a reason
if joy awakened the land time would have no purpose
dancing with the wind where the fire burns and the water drowns
simmer endless sin to a judgment call or not at all

do you hear them sing? blood thirsty again
trading shells for wings
theres a soul waiting for you to die

animosity to the things that restrain me
i dont want to be anything like you
stuck on your beliefs, wont you sell me a reason
thou one with the flaw to a judgment call or not at all

somewhere there is a soul waiting for you to die

i see the road is getting longer
what i dont know dont hurt me
and i see no truth in your eyes
(youve weighed yourself upon me)
i know how youre going to die
(youd better think fast or) you will kill yourself


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