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cling ark sz

it seems so slow to me
watching them drop like fleas
got to run
got to get over this
ive faced me death
ive drowned in piss

is it okay if i invade you
place myself before you
even though you think
youre so much better than me

ill break this
ill take this
if you
ill ache this
fall through
ill break this

there is no peace to bring
pain is the only thing
thats holding on
and wont let go
and can take over you
and wont let you know

is it okay if i rape you
make something else
something out of you
even though you think
i might just set you free

i feel you
i see you
i know you
i watch you everyday

i crave you
ive done you
ive thrown you away
alone too much to hide


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