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love on the dole ark sz

he was in section a to g,
she was under h to t.
their eyes met across the queue,
look at you.
he asked for her current address,
she blushed and said how her hair was a mess.
he said "id really like,
to go out with you".
he said "well wait, til??? day,
and that way, the queen can pay.
so ill pick you up tomorrow".
she answered wearing slippers,
said she couldnt find a baby-sitter.
he said "im going nowhere without you."
so she took her kids to her moms for the night,
and they went and the birght lights,
in the town, mad them feel, like a million pounds.
they went out for a romantic dinner,
then went to to see a real blues singer.
she said "i really like, being with you".
and when they came to the end of the night,
he asked her hard again in a fortnight.
she said "ill see your before, in the line,
when we sign".
so two weeks later shes looking for him,
but hes not in the queue amongst all the men.
shes looking frantically, but no luck.
she walks up to his friend,
and asks him why he isnt signing???
he shakes his head, she says "whats wrong?"
he said "they took him away, yesterday".
he said "you see my darling, they did a search,
turns out hes??? in building work."
he said "ive seen it before, another broken heart,
from love on the dole, love on the dole,
its love on the dole, love on the dole,
love on the dole,
he said "its love on the dole".


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