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autumn rain ark sz

look around
look around look around
is there something im missing here
is there something i should know
and just listen to the sound
all around theres people living their lives
people passing by
as i catch their eye
it doesnt matter where youre from
cause wherever you are from
you got a long walk home
you got a long walk on
and ive walked for many years
and ive never shed a tear
for a place called home
cause in this place i roam
everyones the same
when youre walking in the autumn rain
walking in the autumn rain
when youre walking from your past
you can never walk too fast
think you got away at last
think you got away at last
and we all have to live with our mistakes
but what would it take
to make things right
to feel good inside
it doesnt matter what youve done
cause whatever youve done
life has to go on
life has to go on, yeah
and my conscience is always clear every time i am here
because there is no blame
when youre walking
in the autumn rain
in the autumn rain...


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