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vaya con dios, vaya con dios arklar, vaya con dios ark szleri
1.at the paralell454
2.bold and untrue406
3.brave jane475
4.dont break my heart644
5.dont cry for loui583
6.far gone now447
7.farewell song427
8.fart gone now462
9.forever blue422
10.four you2005
11.heading for a fall396
12.i dont want to know516
13.i sold my soul440
15.just a friend of mine748
16.lay your hands450
17.lay your hands off my man424
18.lay your hands off my man394
20.lonely feeling673
21.lord help me please633
22.lulus song443
23.mothers and daughters420
24.muddy waters655
25.nah neh nah2219
26.night owls469
27.one silver dollar715
28.pack your memories469
30.puerto rico746
31.quand elle rit aux eclats609
34.so long ago485
35.sold my soul601
36.somethings got a hold on me510
37.stay with me627
38.still a man427
39.sunny days427
40.the moonshiner551
41.time flies762
42.travelling light445
43.whats a woman779
44.with you456
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