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vanessa williams, vanessa williams arklar, vanessa williams ark szleri
1. of a kind378
2.am i too much392
3.and if i ever382
4.and my heart goes367
5.and this is life386
6.angels we have heard on high449
7.baby, its cold outside461
8.betcha never461
9.better off now445
10.can this be real368
11.colors of the wind395
13.crazy bout you646
14.darlin i473
16.do you hear what i hear425
19.first thing on your mind377
20.freedom dance get free385
21.go tell it on the mountain414
23.gracious good shepherd506
25.hark the herald angels sing463
27.hes got the look639
28.higher ground392
29.i wonder as i wander452
30.if you really love him381
31.ill be home for christmas744
32.ill be the one525
33.just for tonight425
34.long way home394
35.lost without you374
36.love is461
37.moonlight over paris410
38.my flame392
39.oh how the years go by463
40.one reason476
41.open your eyes you can fly445
42.running back to you402
44.sister moon427
45.sleep well little children1512
46.someone like you401
47.star bright387
48.start again374
49.still in love359
50.strangers eyes432
52.the comfort zone389
53.the eastiest thing401
54.the first noel778
55.the right stuff406
56.the sweetest days414
57.the way that you love366
58.what child is this388
59.what will i tell my heart389
60.whatever happens416
61.where do we go from here377
62.who were you thinkin bout617
63.work to do370
64.you cant run647
65.you dont have to say youre sorry692
66.you gotta go401
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