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before the bullfight ark sz

i hear your voice
way down inside
a whispering sea
of towering trees
but no reply

a silence so rare
and more than i can stand
sweeps like a flood
through lifes flesh and blood
and steals away with its heart

if im losing you
then theres nothing more that i can say
the fighting is on
and battles are won
or thrown away

but if i could live
safe and sound
in god given fields
or mountains of steel
then here id stay
till youd gone

guilty of stealing
every thought i own
i will take my turn
to fight the bullfight
every words sunk in deep
like the blades of a knife through my heart
but my strength will return
to fight the bullfight

as times come to show
im told nothing more than i should know
a ship on the sea that threatens to leave
but never goes
this island of blue
where life clings to your hands
like water and sand
will loose its way
when youre gone

when alls forgiven
still every faults my own
i will take my turn
to fight the bullfight
say a prayer for my release
when every hope in the world is asleep
and my strength will return
to fight the bullfight


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