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starting tonight ark sz

teddy gentry/s. alan taylor/john jarrard/greg fowler, 3:14
if i could design forever
id put you and me together each night
together each night
the best i can do is promise
ill love you true and honest and right
ill love you right
starting tonight and from now on
i will be yours and yours alone
dependable and strong
a rock by your side
ill be beside you through the stom
youll have a fire to keep you warm
not just for now but from now on
starting tonight
ifa man ever loved a woman
then surely this is the moment for me
the moment for me
ive never known a feeling
so deep so real as being with you
as being with you
repeat chorus
(c) 1990 maypop music (a division of wildcountry, inc.) bmi & new john music/the new crew/nwb music & the new company/wb music (ascap). all rights reserved.


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