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ufo, ufo arklar, ufo ark szleri
1.a fool for love471
2.a fool in love441
3.a self made man465
4.aint life sweet571
5.aint no baby1815
6.all or nothing444
7.all over you382
8.alone again or782
9.alpha centauri585
10.another saturday night1335
12.arbory hill653
13.at war with the world457
14.back door man379
15.back into my life412
16.back to the usa {live-}347
18.between a rock and a hard place389
19.blinded by a lie452
21.boogie for george541
23.born to lose522
24.built for comfort365
25.burnin fire546
26.call my name528
27.can you roll her454
28.chains chains430
30.cold turkey {live-}430
31.come away melinda455
32.coming of prince kajuku509
33.couldnt get it right513
34.cowboy joe501
35.crystal light455
36.cmon everybody584
37.dance your life away479
38.darker days425
39.diesel in the dust567
40.doctor doctor721
41.doing it all for you388
42.dont want to lose you545
43.dream the dream398
45.dreaming of summer421
46.easy money479
47.electric phase410
48.everybody knows452
50.feel it447
52.follow you home424
53.fools gold476
54.galactic love443
55.gettin ready561
56.give her the gun415
57.gone in the night415
58.heavens gate489
59.heel of a stranger366
60.high flyer598
61.highway lady648
62.hot n ready548
63.hunger in the night413
64.in the middle of madness358
65.its killing me506
66.im a loser525
67.just another suicide378
68.knock knock496
69.let it rain411
70.let it roll431
71.let the good time roll368
72.lettin go511
73.lights out406
74.lipstick traces491
75.lonely cities of the heart384
76.lonely heart372
77.long gone409
78.looking out for no361
79.looking out for no -- reprise465
80.louisiana blues478
81.love deadly love351
82.love is forever413
83.love lost love400
84.love to love409
85.lovin cup484
86.makin moves491
87.martian landscape423
89.midnight train442
90.miss the lights387
91.money, money4383
92.mother mary437
93.mystery train481
94.name of love415
95.natural thing390
96.night run423
97.no getaway421
98.no place to run415
99.oh my732
100.on with the action389
101.one heart342
102.one more for the rodeo390
103.one of those nights391
104.only you can rock me386
105.out in the street396
106.pack it up and go408
107.primed for time423
108.prince kajuku428
109.profession of violence472
110.push, its love464
111.pushed to the limit363
112.queen of the deep413
113.reasons love406
115.rise again400
116.rock bottom459
117.rock boyz, rock390
118.running on empty377
119.running up the highway377
121.shake it about481
122.shes the one392
123.shoot shoot434
124.silver bird380
125.smell of money451
126.something else405
127.space child493
128.star storm402
129.stopped by a bullet of love349
130.sweet little thing418
131.take it or leave it395
133.the chase437
134.the only ones458
135.the way the wild wind blows430
136.the wild, the willing and the innocent347
137.the world and his dog360
138.the writer452
139.this fire burns tonight434
140.this kids /between the walls492
141.this time424
142.time on my hands415
144.too hot to handle409
145.too much of nothing402
146.too young to know487
147.treacle people381
148.try me620
149.unidentified flying object545
152.we belong to the night363
153.when its time to rock425
154.who do you love382
156.you and me414
157.you dont fool me549
158.young blood419
159.youll get love459
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