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red river ark sz

words and music by keith darran mcguire and george pearce
i remember campin all night down by the rivers edge, skinny dippin in the
bright moonlight, divin off a ledge, skippin rocks across the water,
fishin on an old trout line, gigging frogs till the early mornin, smokin
dried crossvine.
take me back down where the red river rolls; send me back to lou sianne.
take me back down where the white water flows, to the cajun promised land.
give me my line and my old pirogue. get me back as fast as you can.
take me back home where the red river rolls.
take me back home where the red river rolls.
floatin down the river on a patched up inner tube, eatin dinner on the
ground, made of fresh caught catfish stew.
lay wake at night when i hear a wildcat scream; tellin takes around the camp
fire light about the girls in our dreams.


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