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ub40, ub40 arklar, ub40 ark szleri
1.all i want to do565
2.always there493
3.as always you were wrong again523
5.baby i love your way574
6.blood and fire649
7.breakfast in bed473
8.bring me your cup468
9.burden of shame482
10.cause it isnt true587
11.cherry oh baby533
12.come out to play437
13.contaminated minds417
14.crying over you450
15.cest la vie588
17.desert sand492
18.dont blame me490
19.dont break my heart560
20.dont do the crime542
21.dont let is pass you by525
22.dont slow down550
23.dream a lie674
26.fight fe come in509
27.folitician remix500
28.food for thought427
29.forget the cost466
30.friendly fire477
31.good ambition592
34.guns in the ghetto450
36.here i am come and take me427
37.higher ground484
38.hit it444
39.hold your position472
40.holly holy732
41.homely girl554
42.hurry come up470
43.i cant help falling in love with you712
44.i got you babe780
45.i love it when you smile431
46.i really cant say503
47.i think its going to rain today474
48.i wont close my eyes remix482
49.i would do for you445
50.if it happens again437
51.impossible love627
52.its a long long way560
53.its my delight553
54.its true513
55.im not fooled482
56.ive been missing you513
57.ive got mine558
58.johnny too bad482
59.just another girl401
60.keep on moving425
62.king step434
63.kingston town2660
65.legalise it531
67.little by little511
68.looking down at my reflection442
69.love is all is alright remix447
70.madam medusa469
71.magic carpet459
72.many rivers418
73.matter of time395
74.mi spliff427
75.mr fix it456
76.music so nice418
77.my best girl444
78.my way of thinking439
79.never let you go412
80.now and then431
81.oracabessa moonshine492
82.please dont make me cry768
83.present arms560
84.promises and lies458
85.rat in mi kitchen460
87.red red wine800
88.reggae music506
89.riddle me459
92.she caught the train381
93.silent witness415
94.sing our own song379
95.singer man606
96.smile for me456
97.so here i am437
98.someone like you556
99.somethin stupid502
100.soul rebel882
101.stay a little bit longer802
102.stick by me471
103.strange fruit481
106.sweet cherrie440
107.sweet sensation621
108.tears from my eyes436
109.tell it like it is410
110.tell me is it true469
111.that look in your eye454
112.the buzz feeling392
113.the earth dies screaming390
114.the elevator413
115.the key494
116.the pillow484
117.the piper calls the tune434
118.the prisoner450
119.the time has come368
120.the train is coming430
121.the way you do the things you do397
122.things aint like they used to be448
123.two in a one434
125.until my dying day420
126.verison girl414
127.vs version486
129.waw waw waw622
130.way you do the things yo do437
131.wear you to the ball424
132.wedding day395
133.where did i go wrong502
134.you and me621
135.you could meet somebody480
136.your eyes were open445
137.youre always pulling me down456
138.youre not an army471
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