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one more time around ark sz

written by randy owen, teddy gentry, greg fowler, tim briggs, and larry hansen
well its concrete and asphalt drivin into work every day
this livin cant be healthy but the lord knows i got bills to pay
and theres others here just like me, they got families to feed
one more time arouund, time around, on the job is where ill be found
one more time arouund, time around, earn my pay and hear that whistle sound
well thunder and lighting, it dont matter, nothin stops the clock
the radios are blastin, mine is playin country, some play rock
the rhythm and blues of the workplace, we take pride in everything we make
five oclock is comin, were all racin down the same track
life is a circle, sometimes we meet ourselves comin back, well
one more time around
time around, time around
time around, time around
time around, time around
time around


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