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tracy chapman, tracy chapman arklar, tracy chapman ark szleri
1.a hundred years418
2.across the lines532
3.all that you have is your soul407
4.at this poing in my life381
5.baby can i hold you2892
6.bang bang bang500
7.be careful of my heart450
8.behind the wall469
9.born to fight380
11.cold feet382
15.dreaming on a world401
16.fast car450
17.first try590
18.for my lover654
19.for you681
20.freedom now387
21.give me one reason447
22.heavens here on earth459
23.house of the rising sun402
24.i used to be a sailor419
25.if not now401
26.if there are the thigns393
27.its ok524
28.im ready712
29.less than strangers421
30.material world483
31.matters of the heart399
32.mountains othings540
33.new beginning469
34.nothing yet380
35.o holy night371
36.open arms413
37.paper and ink389
38.remember the tinman682
39.shes got her ticket533
40.short supply408
41.smoke and ashes367
43.speak the word558
45.sweet one448
46.talkin bout a revolution826
47.tell it like it is415
48.telling stories485
49.the love that you have347
50.the only one517
51.the promise374
52.the rape of the world385
53.the times they are a changing377
54.this time377
55.three little birds439
56.unsung psalm389
57.wedding song397
59.womans work954
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