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moonlight lounge ark sz

flattop guitar
down around the campfire
you can smell that hickory burnin
catfish fryin
onions got us cryin
hushpuppies theyre a turnin
friends and kin comin down the hill
trippin in the ole starlight
cookin and kickin do a little pickin
party tonight
come on down to the moonlight longe
where the ceilin is so blue
where there aint no door and our dance floor
is covered with mountain dew
where there aint no walls and the waterfall
is the only sound around
yeah were havin us a party down in the holler
we call it the moonlight lounge
me and my lady
rode in on sadie
a fourteen hand chestnut mare
a midnight hoot owl
hes screechin so loud
kind of puts a chill in the summer air
the bushes are wigglin, somebodys gigglin
buck couldnt wait to get a kiss
jimmys got the four wheel hooked to the wagon
a hay ride you dont wanna miss
repeat chorus
wont you... (repeat chorus again)
yeah were havin us a party everybody holler
we call it the moonlight lounge


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