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tiny town ark sz

its a tiny town, you can hang around with me
its a tiny town, and evrybody knows what you been doin
so dont you mess around, cause its a tiny town,
teeny weeny town, tiny town, tiny town
and evry little town, if you look around
is a tiny town, tiny town, tiny town

be careful my darlin
what you say and do
the shit that you make
comes right back to you

and the whole wide world is a tiny town
full of tiny ideas
with each tiny heart pumpin up and down
come be tiny with me

such a tiny town, but we have trouble livin with each other
some would knock you down
and someone else would like to steal your lover
its a tiny town and its enough to make you lose your mind
mother nature says - she wont play that way
so quit your cryin

mama still loves you
when you go astray
you dont need to push
her in her grave

in my tiny mind you are tiny too
ill be tiny tonight
for each tiny me theres a tiny you
close your tiny town eyes

and the birds sweetly singing
in the tiny town trees
and the animals ask what youre doin
well its as plain as can be

i see your sadness
like birds in the air
i see them all
flying away

in each tiny heart in this tiny world
is a tiny desire
and each tiny boy and each tiny girl
close their tiny town eyes

and the whole wide world is a tiny town
full of tiny ideas
with our tiny hearts pumpin up and down
come be tiny with me


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