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nothing at all ark sz

lord knows weve become scientific
its nothing special at all
sometimes everything gets big and nothing is small
we can live here every day
we can be here whenever we play

and the knife is near at hand
i cut myself to see who i am
reach inside, but i still cant touch
the policeman inside

baby jesus, holy moses!
he can stop on a dime
i guess theres just too many supposes
for me to put out that fire
skin so soft, feels so light
guess ill stay home tonight
from the rockies to the rio grande
big shadow falls across the land
had some money, but its not enough
to keep me in line

we made love in a shower of stars
i had a vision in my backyard
i saw a car drive across the sky
behind the wheel, look there, its you and i
looks like were gonna get outta ourselves tonight

looks like
what do you suppose?
was it nothing at all?
what do you suppose?
was it nothing at all?
those good times, good times we had
were they nothing at all?
did i sleep a little too late?
or am i awake?
shake your body till the fear is gone
like it was nothing at all
its so easy, so easy, so easy
hey, its nothing at all
so easy, so easy, so easy
hey, its nothing at all


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