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is that what time it is ark sz
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is that what time it is ark sz

words and music by richard berardi and michael berardi
is that what time it is?
im sorry if i woke you with this call.
but all this wine is in my head, and im so lonely from it all.
dont hang up.
baby, hear what i gotta say.
we started out such a beautiful story.
we just cant end this way.
i wanna come over, i wanna love you tonight.
i dont care about the time or whos wrong or whos right.
just say its ok, and ill be on my way.
i wanna come over. could you get outta bed?
ill try to unsay all the things ive said.
please say its ok, and ill be on my way.
is that what time it is?
im sorry if im keeping you from your sleep.
but all thse feelings are running through me.
you know i never knew they ran so deep.
whats that youre sayin?
that just before i phoned,
you were gettin ready to give me call,
cause you were feelin so alone.
i wanna come over.
i wanna come over.


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