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his wife refused ark sz

a great big house- with nothing in it
he comes home says "now wait a minute"
hes comin in shes goin out
he turns around says, "whats that about?"

do what they like, the kids in school
think she dont know, now, whos kidding who?
he turns around says "who wants to know?"
open the door and theres nobody home!

go ahead- fill their heads
go ahead- fill their heads with poison
take a look- these people are savages!
take a look- at their misfortune

im goin up i got a message
im gonna wait till i close the door
im gonna wrap, myself in blankets
im gonna, roll out, across the floor

well the bride bride and the groom
run in a circle around their house
theyre goin out theyre comin in
inside a circle around their house

these shoes dont fit- this tie dont match
im gonna throw it away when i get home.
im turned around im doin my best
im gonna wait until the light comes on.

yes hes the king and shes the queen
run in a circle around their house.
open the door and let them in
inside a circle around their house.


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