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hanging upside down ark sz

window shoppin
finger poppin
hangin in our favrite shopping mall
looky looky
a little cutie
a little kitten she deserves a home

tell you dudes when i get old enough
you bet that i am gonna try some stuff

twisted sister
dont cha miss her
theres a hundred more where she came from
wiggle wiggle
jiggle jiggle
jesus, how the babes are almost grown!

and i dont need to watch the news at night
anyone can see were out of time

hangin on
hangin out
got my hundred dollar shoes
hangin round
hangin free
and we got nothin else to do
what goes up
must come down
oh, she took an overdose
hangin out
hangin free
till our mama takes us home

shimmy shimmy
gimmie gimmie
dont need you and we dont need love
i gotta have it
im gonna grab it
it aint stealing, hey, its only fun

when you live inside the pleasure dome
you dont ever wanna go back home

hangin on
hangin out
some are hangin upside down
a perfect world
a perfect girl
oh - another year rolls by
im the king
and youre my queen
when those zombies all awake
a broken heart
a broken home
aint no tears upon your face

hangin on
hangin out
theres place for me and you
hangin round
hangin free
we got nothin else to do
turn it up
fade it down
yeah, that song it saved my life
perfect teeth
a perfect smile
oh, she was a friend of mine
lets go out
to the place
where the hands of time are slowed
no one walks
no one dies
no more hassles anymore


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