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fuzzy freaky ark sz

rose is tattooed in a perfect place
she bears the burden of a pretty face
the monkey boy, the leopard girl
the strange is also beautiful

its summer time and the grass is high
fuzzy freaky, funny family

its my body and ill eat it too
to do whatever touches you
my body speaks, my tongue cannot
my belly rumbles but the words are stuck
so come out

its summer time and the weeds are high
fuzzy freaky, funny family

all amplified, shes scandalized
and im changing size
who was it?, jump on it
hes talking trash, and he cant get back
but hes meant to last
inspired, desired
im walking low, my grass has grown
and i wont stay down
excited, delighted

im awfully cute, im awfully cold
im sometimes rich and im sometimes poor
a butterfly when i graduate
youll have to stop me if i get too big

stop me

its summer time and the weeds are high
fuzzy funny, freaky family

hes in reverse, hell kiss himself
in perfect health
inflated, x-rated
and i smell you now
in a haunted house
in a squeaky sound
inspired, desired

now im wide enough
and im almost grown
and i wont stay down
somebody, somebody

inspired, desired

excited, delighted


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