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i was young once too ark sz

written by richard leigh and robert byrne
he raced that engine down the track round the tree on christmas day
i was so amazed my dad would play with trains
i saw a sparkle in his eye, then i heard him say, come on son lets play, i
was young once, too
he washed that buick faithfully, lord he kept her clean
i thought that machine meant more to him than me
on the day i turned sixteen he threw me the keys
said i was young once, too, now she belongs to you
he was such a young man then, im older than that now
i hope i measure up to him, when the circle comes around
i saw him in the attic sittin cross legged on the floor
with some old photographs, he point and laughed
he said, thats me in that picture, i said, no son, thats your dad
i was young once, too, and looked a lot like you
i was young once, too, i was young once, too
merry christmas son, i wish your grandpa were here
he was young once, too, and looked like me and you


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