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the gift of sound where the sun never goes down [knee play ] ark sz
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the gift of sound where the sun never goes down [knee play ] ark sz

not everyone notices
as things drift slowly in and out of focus.
being in the theatre is more important than knowing what is going on in the movie.
the sound in the theatre is very loud.
it builds up beacause it cant get out of the theatre.
the actors talk.
we can still hear what they said a minute ago.
this happens in any closed room - sound never leaves it.
if someone goes out to get some soda or popcorn.
some conversations escape as they leave and enter the lobby.
when the movies over.
and everyone leaves the theatre.
the accumulated sound leaves with them
and spreads out across the parking lot
to become forever part of the landscape
the film is a gift to the surrounding community.


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