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happy holidays ark sz

written by ronnie rogesrs & swain schaefer
smilin faces on city streets, crowded shoppers, busy feet
and every smile just seems to say, were having some happy holidays
twinklin lights on christmas trees, kids up on santas kneww
busy lines on telephones, sending a merry christmas home
bells ringing everywhere, season spirit in the air
up and down the avenue, holiday dreams comin true
a choir singing songs of cheer, carols we all love to hear
rudolph with his glowin nose, lovers under mistletoe
postman bringin christmas cards, reindeer out in the yard
frosty with his eyes of coal, present wrapped in pretty bows
sidewalks full of happy eyes, flakes fallin from the sky
boys and girls at the big parade to see st. nick up on his sleigh
the scene is set, its beautiful, sounds of peace, joy and love
from all of us wed like to say, have yourself some happy holidays


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