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goodbye kellys song ark sz

before i fly and wave goodbye
i say to you "days with you are the best years of my life"
but if i dont see you anymore
keep my words safely stored
and ill be back i promise once more
goodbye, goodbye
till i see you again
goodbye, goodbye
ill love and ill miss you till then
remember me cause i care
where you are and how you fare
get in touch if the wind blows in your face
i guess its been too much fun
weve shared and weve won
yes the best is yet to come
repeat chorus
that one word hurts so bad
you leave the best youve had
but you keep the faith and pray to return
goodbye, goodbye
ill love and ill miss you till then
goodbye, goodbye
goodbye, goodbye
(c) 1990 maypop music (a division of wildcountry, inc.) (bmi). all rights reserved.


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