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gonna have a party ark sz

words and music by bruce channel, kieran kane, and cliff cochran
gonna have a party, a rockin little jamboree.
gonna have a party. come on along with me.
gonna have a good time, evrybodys feelin right.
gonna have a party a week from saturday night.
well, thought id call you early, i thought youd like to know theres gonna be a party, and id love for you to go.
i just wanna give you time to get your story right.
theres gonna be a party, babe, and it might last all night.
now were gonna play some music, and we can sing along.
and ill bet before the night is through, well play your favorite song.
and when they play the slow dance and im holding you so tight, thats when the partys startin, babe, and it might last all night.


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