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forevers as far as ill go ark sz
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forevers as far as ill go ark sz

ill admit i could feel it
the first time that we touched
and the look in your eyes
said you felt as much
but im not a man
who falls too easily
its best that you know
where you stand with me
i will give you my heart
faithful and true
and all the love it can hold
thats all i can do
cause ive thought about
how long ill love you
and its only fair that you know
forevers as far as ill go
when theres age around my eyes
and gray in your hair
and it only takes a touch
to recall the love weve shared
i wont take for granted
youll know my love is true
cause each night in your arms
ill whisper to you
repeat chorus
forevers as far as ill go
(c) 1990 almo music corp. / brio blues music (ascap). all rights reserved.


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