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down home ark sz

just off of the beaten path
a little dot on a state road map
thats where i was born and where ill die
things move at a slower pace
nobodys in the rat race
and these days thats a special way of life
down home, where they know you by name
and treat you like family
down home, a mans good word and hand shake
are all you need
folks know if theyre falling on hard times
they can fall back on
those of us raised up down home
in the corner of the hardware store
gathered round a checkerboard
old men telling lies and crowning kings
kids driving round the old town square
tops rolled down in the cool night air
go and see whats shaking at the dairy queen
repeat chorus
when i was a boy, i couldnt wait to leave this place
but now i want to see my children raised down home, down home
folks know if theyre falling on hard times
they can fall back on
those of us raised up...
repeat chorus


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