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christmas in your arms ark sz

written by bill anderson and steve wariner
all my friens are asking me where i plan to spend the holidays
people seem to celebrate the season in so many different ways
some go where the weathers freezing cold while others like it warm
i dont care about the weather just whether i spend christmas in your arms
we could drive up to the mountains, build a fire and watch it snow
we could sail down to the islands where the gentle breezes blow
id be happy in the city, id be happy on the farm
i dont care whre i spend christmas as long as i spend christmas in your arms
it was only last december i had no christmas spirir in my heart
my world lay cold and shattered in the ashes of a dream that fell apart
but now youre here beside me, no greater gift is wrapped beneath my tree
and the arms you wrap around me and the precious gift of love you give to me
i dont care where i spend christmas as long as i spend christmas in your arms


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