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the mavericks, the mavericks arklar, the mavericks ark szleri
1.a better way360
2.aint found nobody646
3.all i get474
4.all that heaven will allow737
5.all you ever do is bring me down384
6.are you lonesome tonight394
7.blue moon596
9.dance the night away351
11.dream river445
12.excuse me i think ive got a heartache533
14.foolish heart464
15.forever blue406
16.from hell to paradise344
17.here comes my baby372
18.here comes the rain436
19.hey good lookin487
20.i dont even know your name596
21.i got you387
22.i hope you want me, too410
23.i should have been true493
24.i should know405
25.if you only knew388
26.im not gonna cry for you637
27.ive got this feeling675
28.just a memory462
29.la mucura542
30.loving you419
31.melbourne mambo683
32.missing you629
33.mr jones433
34.my secret flame451
35.neon blue431
36.o what a thrill488
37.one step away363
41.save a prayer363
42.she does429
43.someone should tell her376
44.something stupid415
45.tell me why667
46.the end of the line384
47.the losing side of me479
48.the things you said to me379
49.the writing on the wall527
50.there goes my heart380
51.things i cannot change353
52.think of me when youre lonely574
53.this broken heart422
54.to be with you515
55.what a crying shame457
56.world without love381
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