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the mamas and the papas ark szleri
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the mamas and the papas, the mamas and the papas arklar, the mamas and the papas ark szleri
1.blueberries for breakfast406
2.boys and girls together403
3.california dreamin622
4.creeque alley363
5.dancing bear618
6.dancing in the street404
7.dedicated to the one i love433
8.did you ever want to cry434
9.do you wanna dance468
10.dream a little dream of me467
11.european blueboy516
12.even if i could371
13.for the love of ivy371
14.free advice429
15.gemini childe594
16.glad to be unhappy487
17.go where you wanna go389
18.got a feelin635
20.hey girl460
21.i call your name363
22.i cant wait503
23.i saw her again370
24.i wanna be a star440
25.lady genevieve422
26.look through my window505
28.meditation mama transcendental woman431
29.midnight voyage390
30.monday, monday381
31.my girl545
32.my heart stood still378
33.no dough386
34.no salt on her tail435
35.nothings too good for my little girl554
36.once was a time i thought380
37.pacific coast highway407
39.people like us424
41.safe in my garden425
42.shooting star395
43.sing for your supper399
44.snowqueen of texas482
45.somebody groovy376
46.spanish harlem416
47.step out444
48.straight shooter450
49.strange young girls391
50.string man550
51.that kind of girl439
52.the "in" crowd422
53.the right somebody to love547
54.too late373
55.trip, stumble and fall368
56.twelve-thirty young girls are coming to448
57.twist and shout439
58.words of love438
59.you baby437
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