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the juliana theory, the juliana theory arklar, the juliana theory ark szleri
1.august in bethany420
2.breathing by wires418
4.dont push love away714
5.duane joseph dj376
6.emotion is dead, pt563
7.emotion is dead, pt563
8.for evangeline399
9.if i told you this was killing me, would you stop349
10.in a fraction593
12.into the dark379
13.is patience still waiting391
16.music box superhero402
17.piano song382
18.pictures, stars, and dreams379
19.ps well call you when we get there793
20.seven forty seven356
21.show me the money642
22.something isnt right here600
23.the closest thing407
24.this is not a lovesong418
25.this is the end of your life361
26.this is your life441
27.to the tune of , screaming children394
28.understand the dream is over354
29.variations on a theme403
30.weekly long embrace433
31.were at the top of the world622
32.were nothing without you548
33.you always say goodnight, goodnight359
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