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treehouse promises ark sz

this nights final breath
wraps a man within its breast
heartbeat stops at last and with it
the gathered sigh

regard me a boy

fate lies ahead
only to distance us
everyone so dear
must fall away

pages turn each day
and so we pledge
treehouse promises
burn one by one

those who will comfort me
in the end
are not but strangers now
and theres no hope
for brothers now, lovers now
will all disconnect

in this apathy
already ive lost brethren
every transgression is further endearing me
needed and tearing my insides apart
i look in your eyes and the kinship illuminates
so soon i will see but space
filled with regret and the loss unspoken
youll continue down the fucking street
without a word

you take it away
you take it away
but the image is burned in my eyes
but the vision remains in my mind
and in your pity ive been left behind
but this is the way it has always been
this is the way it shall always be
love shall corrupt
friendships shall perish
distance shall kill me
slowly with each silent step


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