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more than this ark sz

within the context of a pseudo-masquerade
masked by the electric hum of melodies
the masks removal feels so far away
and so the truest form
indeed the naked form proclaims:

the wasted nights spent counting lines like fingerprints along the ceiling
the silent reveries that never claimed to see the light of day
the proof of something real
something devoid of self
could shatter cityscapes
could stop a beating heart
yet could never produce
one single awkward word
a single broken thought
a whispered declaration

you never promised me a world without rain
and never put out the sun
yet in the am ive disowned you
to see the smile that would burn itself into my heart
to see the single teardrop fall the way id always dreamt it would
to have every thought for just one second melt into words
for just one breath
and if life goes on the way it has
these two meek decades past
at least the lines upon my ceiling
may forget my name
if nothing else is born
from this falling star
at least i will know
that i am capable of something
deeper than myself
deeper than our skin

nothing in this world has ever meant so much
to me



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