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the guess who, the guess who arklar, the guess who ark szleri
1. a m or nearer380
2. the oldest man525
4.a wednesday in your garden380
5.all hashed out409
6.arrivederci girl501
7.attilas blues639
8.back to the city398
9.ballad of the last five years388
10.bus rider462
11.bye bye babe438
12.cardboard empire388
13.clap for the wolfman382
14.coming down off the money bag462
15.coors for sunday367
16.dancin fool487
17.diggin yourself720
19.do you miss me darlin801
20.dont you want me735
21.down and out woman396
24.fair warning359
26.follow your daughter home388
27.found her in a star382
28.friends of mine374
29.get your ribbons on404
30.glamour boy358
31.goin little crazy484
32.grey day451
33.guns, guns, guns440
34.hamba gahle-usalang gahle614
35.hand me down world379
36.hang on to your life361
37.heartbroken bopper480
38.herberts loser564
39.hi, rockers: sea of love/heaven only moved once yesterday182
40.hoe down time386
41.humptys blues/american woman epilogue498
42.just let me sing380
44.lie down445
45.life in the bloodstream508
47.long gone378
48.lost and found town382
49.love and a yellow rose593
50.loves me like a brother418
51.maple fudge398
52.minstrel boy378
53.miss frizzy436
54.moan for you joe452
56.no time405
57.nobody knows his name380
58.of a dropping pin366
59.old joe463
60.one divided406
61.one man army515
62.one way road to hell391
64.pain train394
65.pink wine sparkles in the glass395
66.pleasin for reason445
67.power in the music384
68.proper stranger413
69.rain dance461
70.road food363
71.rock and roller steam410
73.samanthas living room839
74.seems like i cant live with you, but i cant live without372
75.self pity400
76.share the land350
77.she might have been a nice girl405
78.shoppin bag lady429
79.smoke big factory602
80.so long, bannatyne384
81.song of the dog495
82.sour suite363
83.star baby389
84.straighten out349
85.take it off my shoulders432
87.the answer432
88.the watcher428
89.these eyes418
90.those show biz shoes367
91.three more days369
93.were coming to dinner439
94.when friends fall out413
95.when the band was singin shakin all over471
96.when you touch me434
98.your nashville sneakers504
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