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journey ark sz

akon akon

verse 1
this is the ultimate journey of your life
where the weak die and the strong survive
prepare to suffer 40 days and 40 nights
strap on your boots because you got a long hike

just another journey, another journey into time
cmon now
just another journey, who ever thought id cross this line

verse 2

walking through the dirty streets of jersey jersey
a dollar to my name searchin for that key
im tryin not to reincorinate my past
im tired from the game, took another path
destination 95 dirty south
where the devil tried to realter my route
creator took me by the hand and led the way-ay
to make the story short thats why im here today


what about that day you said i would not --
and about that day you kicked me out onto the bricks
what about that time you said i wouldnt make a dime
and about that time you said i couldnt make you mine
destination to the bank overseas
where akons treated like royalty
cause theres so much in this world i have to see-e
the wagons rolling so jump in a follow me-e


born and raised in africa trying to make a scene
trying to make a scene
the best way to get to you is by this music thing
and you might believe


akon akon
cmon cmon


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