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vowel movement ark sz

aeiou and sometimes y

once and a while we got to move these vowels, once and a while we got to
move these vowels, if i got styles and you got styles, then once and a
while we got to move these vowels

a = speedis toine

i specialize in snatching vertebrae. break your anatomy down to a, call
me atomic sensai. aka b.j. mckay, and his best friend bear will hit you
with shirley murdock and you can sing as we lay. what you gonna do,
nothing cause you pootay essay, the one that prince saw wearing the
raspberry beret. enter va., so my super can perform dismay. youll be a
boy, in a mans hood, looking like trey, getting faded, like the redbone
from zhane, think you tough in leather ill rob that a_s like runny ray.
you that nigga that was with jade still trying to walk away, but i aint
finished, hey hey, dont make me call you like (weeezaaayyy!!!!)

e = mad skillz

a yo its me, the m to the a to the d, skillz ripping drum fills and i
end it with a z. im nice on the mic but that aint hard for you to see,
this rap thing i got locked, i swallowed the key. now peep the stee,
cause since the year of 93 ive been known to eat, chew, sh_t, stew an
emcee. quite frankly, the day that youll see me, is the same day youll
dunk and jump from the top of the key. reside on northside but see
sometimes i be, getting biz at the crib of lonnie b. & and; a.d.
recognized from japan all the way to nyc, still feel funny when i see my
face on b.e.t. till the day i die and have a preacher yelling over me, i
wanna be known for representing va vicinity. i shake rappers off like i
do after i pee, get it clear "from where???" the debut c.d.

i = danja mowf

its hard for me to understand why! people wanna test me when they know
theyre gonna die. me oh my, why they wanna try like a sister with no
thigh trying to do the butterfly! i, say bye bye like guy, then dive
into your a_s buckaroo banzai. dry your eye, please dont cry, i sing a
lullabye before i sting you like a horse fly. of course my, style will
make you testify. i bet you fry like a pie on an electric eye. f a sword
i aint no shang-hai samurai, but in your boti boy head boom bye bye.

o = lonnie b

yo! every since a brother went solo ive been known to grab the
microphone and kick the willie bobo. far from so-so when it comes to sex
even your ho know. we did it to-to style for an hour at the hojo. heres
a photo of her sucking on me like a rolo, and in this one she was
cumming or either thinking about some go-go. i turned your little ho
into a dancer like jojo, or maybe like donnie, poo poo and fo fo. its
true-yo. i am a little vicious like cujo, cause i keep three glocks in
the trunk of my peugeot. mess around youll be missing like that crew
called menudo. they wouldnt find you if they searched from mercury to

u = kalonji the immortal

im talking to the letter u, as if u were a person, on an abstract
avenue where i construe. the vowel moving u, into, an accented zoo,
thats making you go ooooh. you, be trying to find styles like a clue,
so i left old ones on the floor like residue. see what you saying now,
to me aint nothing new, you got a glass jaw making this style see
through. my brain is a point of view holding knowledge unseen like cats
on a oriental menu. kalonji the immortal, styles continue, to stay sharp
like a tuxedo dressed gingsu. to who, is two, or more too much of a
crew of true friends who be super like glue. if its you, dont argue,
cause ill still pursue to move the vowel you asked me by saying was
that you?

once and a while we got to move these vowels, once and a while we got to
move these vowels, if i got styles and you got styles, then once and a
while we got to move these vowels


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